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Baby Adoption In Nepal.

Can you imagine having someone who is nagging around when you come back home from a day long hustle at your work-space,just to fulfil their tiny little demands. YES!!we are talking about someone who’s a little bit of heaven just came down to the earth as your off-springs. Generally, we have babies biologically but there might be several reasons that one cannot have their babies biologically , however one should no longer pull their legs back to have babies to bring the joy home as they aspire to.

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After World War II the doors to adopt babies/children were open and so do we have in our traditions too. Traditionally, a child was adopted for temporal and spiritual purposes and more recently ,to satisfy the emotional and parental instincts of the adopters. Hence adoption is a process to incorporate a child permanently into a family with all the rights of a natural child, in which he was not born. In ordinary terms, it’s a divine procedure of transferring biological parent’s rights and duties of adopting parents. Moreover after adoption there is a termination of a child’s legal rights and duties towards his/her biological parents. Therefore, it brings out substitution of rights and duties toward adoptive parents.

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Formerly, Hindu law required religious ceremony to adopt a child likewise modern system of adoption requires legal and formal process which tend to be governed by comprehensive statues and regulations such as MULUKI CIVIL CODE 2074 and CHILDREN’S ACT 2075.More specifically Part-3,Chapter-8 and Chapter-9 of MULUKI CIVIL CODE 2074 deals with conditions of adoption, status of adopted children ,conditions for invalidating adoption and adoption by foreigners. The laws of Nepal regarding adoption are also in parallel with the boundaries set by The United Nation as such: Article 21 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child(UNCRC)which provides that any state recognizing or permitting the system of adoption must ensure that the best interests of the child are the paramount consideration.


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Adoption that provides unique recognition to social parenthood can be open or closed adoption. In open adoption the biological and adoptive families have access to varying degrees of each other’s personal information and have an option of contact whereas closed one is confidential and secret adoption. A closed adoption means that there is no contact whatsoever between the birthparents and the adoptive parents and child after the adoption takes place.

Section-177(MULUKI CIVIL CODE-2074) Procedures for effecting adoption:
(1) If a person is desirous of adopting a child, he or she shall make a petition to the concerned court, along with a duly executed deed of adoption, in fulfillment of the legal requirements. (2) If, upon inquiring into the deed of adoption received pursuant to sub-section (1), the concerned court finds that permission may be given to the petitioner for adoption, it shall issue an order granting permission for adoption and shall authenticate such deed. (3) If, upon making inquiry pursuant to sub-section (2), the court finds that permission cannot be given to the petitioner for adoption, it shall issue an order accordingly and give information thereof to the petitioner.

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Adoption of a child is so praiseworthy step of anybody who does so as it can change the lives of both the adopter and a child. Summing up, why don’t we take a chance towards a life changing experience? Come let’s have  A NEW HOME, A NEW FAMILY, A NEW LIFE!


नेपाल कानून आयोग – NLC (lawcommission.gov.np)

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