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How much protein does your baby needs; High Protein Baby foods.

As a parent, the question of how much protein does my baby need can be an overwhelming one. When it comes to answering this question, the answer is not as simple as “it depends on your child’s age.” Knowing what your baby needs and where they will get their protein from is important for parents. This article will help you understand the importance of protein and its role in your baby’s development, along with foods that are high in protein.

What is protein?

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Protein is a nutrient that helps with muscle development. Protein provides our bodies with energy, it gives us strength to grow and helps in absorbing important vitamins and minerals Protein helps to maintains muscle and bone mass in our body and also improves brain development along with other vital organs. Lack of protein in the diet may cause your kid to experience symptoms like fatigue, low immunity system, less endurance.

How much protein does my baby need?

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Infants require up to 20% of their daily energy intake from protein. This amounts to 16 to 24 grams for infants who are between the ages of seven months to one year of age. Infants who are six months old should receive 13 to 17 grams and newborns who weigh around 2 pounds should have about 12 grams of protein, likewise, nutrition experts commonly recommend that breastfed babies should receive at least 16 gm/day while formula-fed infants should get about 19gm daily.

Why is protein important for babies?

Protein is essential for your child’s brain development, it enables the nerves to function properly. A healthy diet that has enough amount of proteins contributes to healthy growth in your child. Babies who are given a diet that lacks proteins may have problems with their muscle development as well. A healthy body cannot be achieved without protein, it is important for the overall growth and good health of your child.

Protein sources:

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When babies start eating solids at a young age, they need a nutritious meal with a high amount of protein as well as other nutrients for their proper growth, it has been well known that protein comes from animal sources meat, eggs, fishes are some of the most common sources. For vegetarians, it’s important to find alternatives to proteins. There are vegetables that contain high amounts of proteins, such as broccoli, beans, pulses, tofu, soya, dry fruits like almonds and other nuts.

Protein is important for people of any age to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to babies, protein plays a vital role in their growth and development.

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