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Nepalese Name Ideas with Meaning for Baby Girls Beginning With The Letter A

Nepali names are a big part of the culture in Nepal. Some Nepalese families will name their children after popular politicians, religious figures, other family members, or even relatives that have passed away. In this article, we will provide Nepali name ideas with meaning for baby girls starting with the word A.

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01 – Aanchal (Meaning: The name Aanchal means shelter. Name you sweet girl Aanchal if you want her to provide the shelter for you and people who need it.)

02 – Aanshi (Meaning: The name Aanshi means god’s gift so name her Aanshi is she is the best gif you ever got.)

03 – Apekshya (Meaning: The name Apekshya means passion or being passionate. This name will make her passionate and expect to do greatness in life.)

04 – Aradhana (Meaning: The name Aradhana means to worship. Worshipping makes her protected by god.)

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05 – Aarashi (Meaning: The name Aarashi means the first ray of Sun. If you feel like she will be the sun in your life ‘Aarashi’ will be a great name for her.)

06 – Aaravi (Meaning: The name Aaravi means peace. Who doesn’t love peace? She will for sure be the peacemaker for your family.)

07 – Aakriti (Meaning: The name Aakriti means shape. She will have the power to shape her life to any direction she thinks is the best.)

08 – Anjana (Meaning: The name Anjana means a mountain. She will achieve her dreams like the height of the mountain.)

09 – Akila (Meaning: The name Akila means worldly to knowledgeable. It means she can be very talented and knowledgeable.)

10 – Avantika (Meaning: The name Avantika means very modest. She can be the most kindhearted girl.)

Here you go, we have provided you 10 Nepali baby girls names with their meanings. If any of these names were selected for your baby boy name, let us know in the comments below.


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