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The Importance of Early Childhood Education: The Different Ways a Child’s Home Environment Affect Their Learning Process

Early childhood education is a valuable resource for children and their families. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of early childhood education, what the difference between formal and informal education is, how preschools can benefit your child’s development, and more!

In today’s society where parenting has become increasingly competitive as our children grow up in an ever-changing environment with new technology at their fingertips at all times, it’s important to have resources that are dedicated to keeping them safe while teaching them invaluable skills.

The importance of early childhood education.

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An early childhood education can have lifelong positive impacts on a child’s life. Studies show that children who attend preschool or kindergarten have better communication skills, higher grades in school, and are less likely to commit crimes than those who do not receive these educational opportunities during their formative years.

What is the difference between formal and informal education?

Formal education is learning that takes place in a structured environment, such as at school. Informal education occurs out of the classroom and includes activities like playing outside with friends or doing an art project on your own time.

The benefits of preschool or kindergarten to a child’s development:

A study from MIT found that children who attended public pre-K had much better reading and math skills than those who did not attend pre-K. There are a lot of benefits of preschool or kindergarten for a child’s development, such as:

  • Better communication skills
  • Higher grades in school
  • Increased creativity and imagination
  • Less likely to commit crimes as a teenager.

Why are play-based activities important to a child’s development?

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Play is the foundation of childhood and has been linked with many positive benefits for children, including improved motor skills, self-esteem, social skills, and creative thinking.

Research has shown that children who have a more play-based home environment are better prepared for school than those with less or no opportunity to explore and learn through real-world activities. Children from homes without such opportunities may feel unprepared, insecure, helpless, and incompetent; they might also be seen as not having the skills necessary to succeed in their educational environment.

Play does not only help children develop skills for their future, but it is also important to learn and grow as they are playing with others in a safe environment that allows them to explore the world around them.

How can parents help children become more successful in school?

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Here are some suggestions for parents of how you can help your children be more successful in school.

  • Provide a large variety of activities for your children to explore
  • Create an environment that is free from distractions and stimulation in order to foster creativity through play
  • Encourage exploration, experimentation, and imagination with objects as well as the outdoors
  • Pair up young learners with more skilled peers who can help them learn
  • Play games with your children
  • Talk to them about their play and the world around them
  • Provide opportunities for group activities that encourage problem-solving, thinking creatively, working together, experimenting with new ideas.

Tips for choosing a preschool program that will best suit your family’s needs:

The following are a few points to keep in mind when choosing the perfect preschool option for your family:

  • Talk to the staff about what their philosophies are on educating children.
  • Explore the curriculum and see how it matches your ideas for education.
  • Look at the school’s website to get an idea of the classrooms, outdoor play space, and learning environment.
  • Ask yourself if you feel like this is a place where your child will be happy and feel safe.
  • If your child speaks another language, find out if they offer any classes or programs for children learning in a second language.

The importance of early childhood education is evident in the long-term benefits for children who receive a solid foundation through preschool or kindergarten, as well as play-based activities. These educational opportunities help them develop the skills and abilities they will need to be successful in school and life. Parents can offer their children many ways to be successful in school through creating a supportive environment, talking to them about their education and play experiences, providing opportunities for exploration and experimentation. When choosing the perfect preschool option for your family, make sure you take into consideration what type of philosophy they have on educating children as well as how it would match with your ideas for educational development.

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